Henning J Olsen is an associate business professor in the department of aviation and technical education at Utah State University Eastern.  He grew up on a small farm and cattle ranch in central Utah, U.S.A.  He graduated from Utah State University in 1974 with a bachelors of business administration degree and in 1977 and 1997 he received his master's and doctorate degrees in education from Brigham Young University.

      His accounting teaching career began in the spring of 1975 at a community college in rural Utah.  As the course requirements and schedules evolved over he years, it was necessary to condense the curriculum.  This became an initial driver of change from old-school manual accounting pedagogy.

      Henning's accounting pedagogy style evolved and continues to evolve through out and beyond four and a half decades "in front of a classroom.  there were many changes during this time: new educational drivers of technology (which replaced manual accounting), the internet, cell phones, an abundance of information, long-distance learning, and the ever-changing interest and abilities of a growing, diverse population.  Through out all of these changes, one thing remained the same; the accounting student still needed a grasp of the accounting cycle.  To adapt, he modified methods of the delivery of accounting education.

   Henning's contribution to the accounting teaching profession is a unique, holistic and conceptual view of the accounting language and its double-entry culture Illustrated with graphics, icons and stories for the visual learner.  This resource manual is a compilation of many years of observing, teaching, and connecting with an ever-changing educational environment and student body.

       Henning has four daughters, two sons, and is "counting" his grandchildren!

Henning J Olsen, ED.D.

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